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‘Harvey Cat’ Becomes Internet Sensation After Its Famous Swim

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A photograph captured on August 30th in a flooded Houston apartment complex shows a ginger tabby cat swimming through the flood waters to higher ground. WFAA writes that the feline’s swim quickly spread throughout the internet due to its surly face and determined snarl.

But amidst all of the grins, people are wondering the most basic question – is this cat safe?  Like Jackie wrote on Twitter, “Has this cat been rescued or are people too busy making light of his situation?” As it turns out, the Getty Images photographer who took the famous photo, Scott Olson, posted another photo of what is presumed to be the same cat after it swam to safety on top of a car. For some, this is enough to breathe a sigh of relief.

But this photo doesn’t really answer the question of the cat’s current status. Sadly, it seems as though no one knows the fate of this kitty. According to Chron.com, “There’s been no update from the Times regarding the fate of this apparently infuriated feline.” Hopefully, Harvey Cat is resting comfortably somewhere, dry and warm after trying to swim so hard to safety. The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey left a number of displaced animals to fend for themselves and try their best to survive.