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Harvey Will Take a Starring Role in Independent Film

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It’s been seven months since Hurricane Harvey came through Houston with a vengeance, raging against homes and businesses, and disrupting lives to the unimaginable core. August 2017 will be a time for many that won’t soon be forgotten, and a local film crew is setting out to tell the tale of that impactful day, and the survival stories and heroic rescues that touched our hearts.

As the YouTube video from KHOU11 below shares, filming is underway for a movie simply titled “Harvey,” which will be a fictional portrayal based on the events that took place during those fateful days of flooding. “The movie is not taking place in the flood, it’s what’s going on during the flood,” explained the independent film’s executive producer, writer, and director, Michael Sterling, shared in an interview with abc13.com.

A Houston native, Sterling watched the day’s events unfold as we all did that heartbreaking day. Citizens around the city were impacted by the tremendous amounts of rainfall that fell on those days. An article by the Washington Post estimated the total rainfall that Harvey unloaded across Texas and beyond was 33 trillion gallons!

With the aftermath comes the clean-up and to this date, people are still dealing with repairs, and some are not even back in their homes. Sterling wrote the independent film as he witnessed the day’s events. The producer shared that members of the Saldivar family, who tragically lost six family members that day, will make an appearance in the film.

According to the Houston Film Commission, “…the production, like so many others that have shot in Houston, uses local crew and talent and isn’t the only project in town in the storm’s aftermath,” shared the abc13.com article.

For more about this film and other films from this company visit https://www.facebook.com/streetcornerfilms/

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