Harvey Victims’ Mowers are Bringing Neighbors Together in Friendswood

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Ken Ogden is a hero to those that love freshly manicured lawns in Friendswood, Texas. That’s because, following the flooding after Hurricane Harvey, several of the area lawnmowers were believed to be ruined, but he helped them get their buzz back. Salvaging the flooded mowers for the owners, Ogden explained, “I hate seeing something useful being thrown away.”

Spying a lawnmower amongst the piles of debris at Jason Davidson’s while riding his bike, Ogden reached out to the homeowner, asking him if he would like his lawnmower back. “I didn’t think anything of it,” Davidson explained. “It’s just trash…I didn’t know what to say at first. I was like, is this a trick question?”

Harvey Victims’ Lawnmowers are Bringing Neighbors Together in Friendswood

Photo: Pexels

But, it was anything but. Not only did Ogden fix the mower for Davidson, but he refused to charge for it. “It’s just a good feeling to bring some junk back to life, and for them, I don’t know what to say, it’s like for them, but the smile on their face is worth everything,” Ogden noted. And, he didn’t stop there. He went on to fix four more flooded lawnmowers along the same Friendswood street.

Harvey Victims’ Lawnmowers are Bringing Neighbors Together in Friendswood

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Said one homeowner, “It looks like it’s right out of the package. It looks like a brand new mower.” Ogden undertakes to drain the fluids, change out the parts, and then pressure wash the mowers in order to effectively remove all germs. In total, for one machine he spends approximately five hours, but to him, he says it’s time well-spent. He gives his neighbors something they can depend on at a time when there’s so much insecurity surrounding them. “The smile on his face was just unbelievable,” Ogden said of one of his neighbors’ reactions. “It was like, oh my God. This is good.”


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