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Eleven-Year-Olds Raise $1000 For Harvey Victims Selling Lemonade

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On September 1st, proud mom Erika Jacobson Miller posted on Facebook that her three boys put together a lemonade stand with a charitable goal in mind. As Pearland residents, they wanted to give back to their community that was suffering from the devastating effects of Harvey, so they decided to donate all of their earnings to J.J. Watt’s Houston Flood Relief Fund.

KHOU writes that the boys sold “six gallons of lemonade, 120 cups and 65 bags of cookies” and reached $750 after four hours of manning their stand. Incredibly, Miller posted later on Facebook that the final amount of money they collected reached $1055.15, which included donations from friends and family, as well.

According to a recent article from People, J.J. Watt’s Houston Flood Relief Fund has raised over $28 million. “I started to think, I said, ‘I have this incredible platform, all this social media, all these followers. Let’s see if I can raise a little bit of money to help these people out. Try to get some relief efforts going.’ I just looked straight into the cell phone camera, started up a campaign, hoping to raise $200,000. Now we’re over $27 million,” Watt said about his astoundingly successful campaign.