Haunted Hill Country: Boerne

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Haunted Hill Country: Boerne

The Texas Hill Country is said to be one of the most haunted parts of the state. The next time you feel like communing with the Great Beyond, you may want to visit Boerne, Texas.

Joseph Dienger Building

Haunted Hill Country: Boerne

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Formerly the Boerne Public Library, the Dienger Building was built by Joseph and Ida Dienger in 1887. They ran a dry-goods grocery downstairs and lived upstairs with their seven children. The City of Boerne bought the Dienger Building in 1991, which apparently stirred up some paranormal activity. Locals reported lights going on and off at night, and unusual voices have been heard echoing in the hall. A ghostly woman has been seen standing by the staircase, and books have been known to fall off shelves all by themselves. So why can’t the Diengers rest in peace? The story goes that Mr. Dienger used space in the building to host meetings and parties for local businesses. Perhaps he doesn’t want the good times to end. Others think it is Mrs. Dienger, who disapproved of the booze served at her husband’s gatherings, trying to keep a lid on the doings.

El Chaparral Mexican Restaurant

Haunted Hill Country: Boerne

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Sometimes a location goes through several identities. El Chaparral Mexican restaurant currently occupies the former location of the Country Spirit & Bar. Although the location is now closed, three ghosts are said to haunt the premises: David, Augustine, and Fred. David is a teenager who haunts the upstairs bathroom. It’s said he drowned in the claw-foot bathtub that stands in the bathroom to this day. Augustine is a woman who likes to lounge on a green couch near the bathrooms. You may hear doors opening and closing while you’re standing in line to use the facilities. Fred hangs out mostly in the basement, so stick to the first floor of the restaurant if you want a relatively ghost-free visit.

Ye Kendall Inn

Haunted Hill Country: Boerne

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The land currently occupied by Ye Kendall Inn was bought by Erastus and Sarah Reed in 1859. They built an inn that was Boerne’s only stagecoach stop. The Reeds have refused to leave the place. Lights flicker off and on during the night, but the lobby and the Victoria Room are the most haunted areas. The sound of horses and carriages moving through the lobby can be heard, and a sign has been reported to fly off a wall and land across the room. A claw-foot bathtub in the Victoria Room fills itself during the night, and guests in the room never hear a sound. Are you brave enough to book the room and see for yourself?

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