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Get the Chance to Potentially See a Real Ghost at the Haunted Magnolia Hotel

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Do you believe in ghosts? Maybe you will after a visit to the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin. For one day in October, KSAT reports, the hotel will allow the public to explore the building for free. Who or what walks these halls? Maybe you will catch a glimpse of the paranormal on your visit to the Magnolia Hotel.

Open House

Haunted Magnolia Hotel

Photo: Facebook/Haunted Magnolia Hotel Seguin, Texas

The Magnolia Hotel will open its door just in time for Halloween. The open house lasts from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. on October 28 and it costs nothing to visit. Even if you don’t expect to see a ghost, bring your camera to catch some photos of the interior of a historic hotel that has stood since 1840. While this tour offers the chance to see the hotel during the day, if you want to catch ghosts at night, consider signing up for one of the paid ghost tours or paranormal investigations.

Ghost Tours and Paranormal Investigations

Magnolia Hotel Before the Renovations

Photo: Facebook/Did That Guy Just Say “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold” in Klingon?

Ghost tours at the Magnolia Hotel sell out quickly. These nighttime events allow participants to bring their own ghost-hunting gadgets to try to capture paranormal phenomenon. This hotel has such a reputation for ghostly activity, that multiple professional paranormal groups have investigated it. You can see the results of their investigations on shows such as “Ghost Adventures,” “Ghost Adventures Aftershocks,” “Nick Groff’s Tour,” “Ghost Brothers,” and “Strange Town.”

About the Magnolia Hotel

Magnolia Hotel Then and Now

Photo: Facebook/Historical Magnolia Hotel Seguin, Texas

Despite its name of Magnolia Hotel, you currently cannot book a room there. This building once served as a hotel, hence the moniker. Originally, the site of the hotel housed a log cabin, built by one of the founders of Seguin, James Campbell. Unfortunately, the tragic tale of the Magnolia Hotel began with Campbell’s death in a Comanche raid. Joseph F. Johnson took charge of the property, where he constructed Seguin’s stagecoach stop and first hotel, he called the Magnolia. Another Comanche raid in 1855 of the hotel ended more happily as the women and children hid inside the stone basement. Though the hotel continued operations by the 1990s, it was abandoned. Its current owners saved this hotel from Texas’s most endangered list in 2013 and restored it to its current state.

Who Haunts the Magnolia Hotel?

Unexplained Phenomenon Outside Magnolia Hotel

Photo: Facebook/Haunted Magnolia Hotel Seguin, Texas

Perhaps the most infamous guest at the Magnolia Hotel was Wilhelm Faust. In 1874, while staying at the hotel, he stole a horse and rode to New Braunfels, where he attacked his wife and murdered a 12-year-old girl named Emma Voelcker. Later, he confessed to other murders. Faust never went to jail for his crimes, though. He was shot through the window of the courthouse by an unknown killer. Faust is not the only spirit who still haunts the Magnolia. A psychic identified 13 different ghosts at the Magnolia. Perhaps you may encounter one of these on your visit.