How Healthy is Texas? United Health Foundation has the Data

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According to CBS News, a new report recently issued by the United Health Foundation identifies the state of Massachusetts as the healthiest state in the U.S. The report looked at the healthy as well as unhealthy habits of Americans to generate the 2017 findings based on 35 factors. These included rates of obesity, smoking, low birth weights, physical inactivity, and much more. Where did the state of Texas rank in these findings? Somewhere in the middle, according to the study. Texas ranked number 34 with respect to its overall health.

Also included in the review were deaths related to drug use, environmental conditions such as air pollution, as well as the number of mental health workers, doctors, dentists, and health service providers per 100,000 people in each state. In general, the report identifies serious public health challenges across the nation, including the uneven distribution of health care and the rising rates of premature deaths.

How Healthy is Texas? Report by United Health Foundation Has the Numbers

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Opioid overdoses and cardiovascular health were also under the microscope for this survey, resulting in some interesting finds per state. As an example, the state of Utah, although ranking fourth-healthiest overall, ranked first in increases of their cardiovascular death rate, which rose 10 percent since 2012. The state of Louisiana saw their cardiovascular and cancer-related death rates drop while also seeing an increase in drug-related deaths within the past five years. The results are quite interesting for those potentially seeking a new place to relocate and interested in the overall health care services and provision.

The top 10 healthiest states went in order of first to tenth as Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Utah, Connecticut, Minnesota, Colorado, New Hampshire, Washington, and New York. Utah and Florida experienced noticeable improvements in their rankings from the year previous, each bumping up 4 spots. On the other hand, North Dakota had the largest rank decline, dropping seven places since 2016 to number 18. Their rankings for child immunizations, smoking, and Salmonella all declined. United Health Foundation says it hopes that the report data will be used to support improvements in the health of all our communities. For a full review of the report, visit the link provided here.