Heart: What It Means to Texans

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Is the heart of Texas a location?  If so, it would be geographically somewhere around Austin, right? We know our capital city is beautiful. Texans are proud of it and its central position, but we aren’t talking locale when we try to define the heart of Texas.

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Austin is a wonderful place to live, but the heart of Texas lies in our spirit, not a place or city. Texans embody a life force that defies characterization. To define our spirit in one word is impossible, so we’ll use a few. Let’s start with friendship. You’ve heard Texans are friendly? To say we are friendly is an understatement. We wave a “howdy” to everyone.

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We love making friends of strangers. In a crowd in San Antonio or a one-on-one meeting on a street, it’s a way of life for Texans. We give everyone a handshake or a hug. In fact, the official state motto is “Friendship.” Way back in 1930, the Texas legislature authorized us to be friendly. The representatives thought it fit us, and so it does.

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Many think “Remember the Alamo” is the motto, and it was once. The Alamo phrase is used often because we’re right proud of our heritage. Visit us and we’ll be happy to tell you about our history. It’s our way of being friendly.

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Texans are generous. We’ll lend you a hand with your projects, donate money to causes, and give you a pat on the back if you need encouragement. Ask us to do you a favor. We won’t disappoint you. We come to the aid of neighbors who lose homes in disasters and we’ll bring you a casserole when a loved one passes.  Giving is rooted in our hearts. We’re happy to help.

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How about our hospitality? We’ll welcome you into our homes and supply you with food and laughter. It’s our nature to make you comfortable. Our hospitality is open to all.

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The spirit of Texas lies in the heart of every Texan. We’re friendly, generous, and known for our hospitality. Neighbors know neighbors, and if we don’t know you, we make a point to get acquainted. If we move to another state, we take the spirit of Texas with us, and we get back to this place as fast as we can. The heart of Texas is our spirit, an unidentifiable force, but you’ll know it when you see it.

Y’all come see us, you hear?