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Heavy Rain Opens Giant Sinkhole in Northwest Austin

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A giant sinkhole developed seemingly out of nowhere overnight as the rainfall continued to pound Austin water and roadways.

The sinkhole, as reported by WFTV, is located in the 10800 block of Sierra Blanca St. in Northwest Austin. The hazard was reported to police around 9:00 p.m., and the roadway has been closed since as crews begin to work on fixing the problem.

While some authorities aren’t sure what exactly caused the sinkhole, but the size of it doesn’t lie. At six feet deep and six feet wide, the hole is a dangerous hazard that could easily swallow a car. It’s possible the formation occurred based on the recent rainfall, but residents believe this particular spot of road was hit ferociously time and time again.

An engineer went to the sinkhole in the neighborhood on Saturday and began to draw up plans for repairs, including how long it will take. That estimation has not yet been released to the public, though the roadway is not a major swath, and residents are understanding of the inconvenience.