HEB to Sell Tim Duncan Inspired Cereal

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Tony Maples Photography


In order to celebrate Tim Duncan’s career with the San Antonio Spurs, he’s getting his very on cereal. Slam Duncan O’s will be made exclusively by HEB (of course.) A surprise introduction of the limited cereal came right before Duncan’s jersey retirement ceremony at the Spurs – Pelicans game on Sunday. Bags of the treat made a memorable entrance by floating down from the top of the stadium with little parachutes, and the crowd went wild over the playful display.

Those who weren’t lucky enough to catch a bag can buy a box from HEB starting on January 16th. (Though KENS 5 points out that HEB hasn’t confirmed which stores will have Slam Duncan O’s on shelves.)

Fans love the idea of a Tim Duncan themed cereal, and boxes of breakfast food will probably be highly sought-after. CBS Sports writer James Herbert wrote, “I would love to proudly display Tim Duncan cereal in my home. As an active player, he rarely did any endorsements, so this is pretty special.”

There doesn’t seem to be any word yet on how good the cereal tastes, but judging from the bag, it looks rather tasty. The San Antonio Informer says it’s a “honey nut toasted cereal with chocolate puffs.”