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HEB Worked With Publix and Sent Hurricane Irma Aid to Floridians

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When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Publix, a well-known Florida grocery chain, came to the aid of Texans in our time of need. Sending people and to Houston in the days following the storm and its after-effects, they were part of a consistent charge led by both in and out-of-state businesses. And not unheard of was the assistance of our own great grocer, HEB. Well, now they are returning the favor to Floridians by sending hurricane help following the ravaging that Irma wreaked on the sunshine state. HEB sent ten truckloads to assist those in Florida who were affected by Hurricane Irma.

HEB Sent Irma Aid to Floridians Providing Hurricane Relief to Those in Need

Photo: Facebook/Publix

On September 13, ABC 13 reported that following Irma’s sweep of Florida, HEB filled transports with water, hygiene products, and food, leaving Houston and anticipated to be at Florida Publix stores by week’s end.

HEB Sent Irma Aid to Floridians Providing Hurricane Relief to Those in Need

Photo: Facebook/Walter Phillips

Similar to our experiences in Texas following Hurricane Harvey, many Florida store supplies had dwindled to the point where no bread, water, or additional storm supplies could be found. HEB hoped to assist Publix in the same fashion that they had helped Texans previously, ensuring that Floridians that were affected by the storm could get back to some semblance of normal following Irma’s landfall and subsequent chaos.