Sanrio Releases a Line of Hello Kitty Wines in Time for the Holidays

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Tony Maples Photography


Though many Hello Kitty products are geared towards children, make no mistake that adults can appreciate the cute cartoon cat, as well, especially with her new line of wines! As Bustle.com points out, Hello Kitty has been in the wine game for 10 years now, but it wasn’t until last year that any of the famous kitty’s wine became available in America. It all started at just one restaurant in California and some specialty grocery stores, but now, American fans in select states can order the whole line of wines.

On the Hello Kitty Wines website, they note that they’re currently only shipping wines to “…California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Washington DC,” but you can sign up to be on their mailing list to learn when Texas is added. You’ll be able to order the $150 special collection of five different wines including “…Hello Kitty Sweet Pink Sparkling Wine, Hello Kitty Sparkling Rosè, Hello Kitty Sparkling Rosè Special Edition (Limited to 15000 numeric bottles), Hello Kitty Pinot Nero Vinified in White, and Hello Kitty Pinot Noir.” As it states in the distribution information on their website, Texas will be added as a state where the wine will be available in stores in early 2018!