Help Save Blanco’s Twin Sisters Dance Hall

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The Twin Sisters Dance Hall has been a fixture in the Blanco, Texas community since the 1870s. It has held monthly Saturday night dances since it first opened its doors and has been the site for many Hill Country weddings, family reunions, and community gatherings. It has survived hardships, harsh Texas weather, and even a fire (the old bowling alley that accompanied it burned down). This old building has been home to all sorts of memories, and now it needs your help.

The roof of the Twin Sisters Dance Hall is over 90 years old. Needless to say, it is in major need of repair. The old, leaky roof is now affecting the nostalgic, hardwood flooring that so many boots have scooted across. If the roof isn’t repaired, the beloved dance hall will be in danger of shutting down. We all know that roof repair doesn’t come cheap, and this 501(c)(3) non-profit is in need of $50,000 to replace it.

Twin Sisters Dance HallPhoto: GoFundMe/Twin Sisters Dance Hall

The owners of Twin Sisters Dance Hall, a volunteer board of directors and members, started a GoFundMe page in August to raise funds for a new roof. So far, the dance hall has raised over $5,000, but it is not nearly enough to help cover their costs and bring the old building back up to par to host all of the events we all have grown to love and enjoy. If you can find it in your heart to donate, and are able to part with a few dollars, please consider donating to Twin Sisters Dance Hall. It is one of those Hill Country gems that would be tragic to lose. Click here to donate.