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Famous Hemingway Cats of Florida Are Safe After Irma

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The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum houses more than a rich history to interest literature lovers. The grounds are home to 54 polydactyl cats. These special kitties have more than five toes on each foot, giving them the adorable appearance of wearing “kitten mittens,” and gaining them fans around the world who marvel at the beautiful estate of Ernest Hemingway and his affinity for six-toed felines.

When Irma approached Key West, many people were worried about the numerous cats. But the New York Daily News writes that 70-year-old manager Jacque Sands stayed behind with the estate and kitties despite the evacuation. She told the news “…it was her solemn duty to protect both the home and the cats.”

Also, on their Instagram page, @hemingwayhomecats, Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum officials wrote that they were completely prepared for the storm and that the house itself “…has been standing firm since 1851.” They even posted a photo of the spreadsheet listing out each cat that they checked to make sure every creature was inside safe and sound for the storm to blow over.

Thankfully, everyone is well and accounted for after Irma. Cat lovers, and Sands, can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

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