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The 50th Anniversary Celebration of San Antonio’s Hemisfair Happens in April

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¡Viva Hemisfair!, a 50th Anniversary celebration” is slated to take place April 6-8, 2018, in San Antonio, Texas. Marking the celebration with a grand festival  jam-packed with good food, live music, chock full of history, and a “throwback to the 1968 World’s Fair.”

“While the 1968 Fair was about bringing people from all over the world to San Antonio, organizers say that the 50th-anniversary festival is about celebrating the diverse people who call San Antonio home,” shares its website.

Hemisfair Park

Hemisfair Park photo


Hemisfair Park has long been a favorite attraction among San Antonio’s historic and beautiful places to visit featuring its iconic landmark the Tower of America. The celebration is an official Tricentennial event, as San Antonio marks its 300 year anniversary with hundreds of events planned throughout the city for 2018.

Exhibits and historical programs are in place to teach guest about the storied past of this auspicious landmark and what the neighborhood was like before the fair, along with events that took place during the 1968 World’s Fair, and future plans according to its press release. “We want to turn the concept of a World’s Fair inside-out,” says Drew Hicks, Communications Manager for Hemisfair. “Rather than inviting cultures from around the world to come to San Antonio, we want to celebrate the people that make our city special. “

The Future of Hemisfair

Hemisfair Park Future


The photo above is a rendition of future plans for Hemisfair and to preserve historic structures there, according to its Facebook page. $21 million has been allocated to help make the vision of a central urban park for San Antonio a reality. A final 2017 Bond Parks meeting was held on December 5, 2017, to show support and protect this allocation.

¡Viva Hemisfair! A 50th Anniversary Celebration

Hemisfair Park


To commemorate this golden anniversary of the 1968 World’s Fair, San Antonio’s Hemisfair Park will be a trifecta of celebrations with re-creations of events that occurred back then.

It will also include “cultural activation zones for Americana, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia,” according to its website. Each zone will include different activities, and its own musical performances, food, and interactive demonstrations. “There will also be a children’s garden with “larger-than-life” art installations, a 60s retrospective fashion show, and special events to honor 1968 World’s Fair attendees.”

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