Her Daughter Skipped School, So This Mom Taught Her a Lesson the Hard Way

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It’s not often that a story of outstanding parenting makes viral news, but this mom taught her daughter a lesson she’ll never forget when she put her pickup truck on Craigslist.

Amy Adams, now known as the World’s Meanest Mom, made national news when she posted her 15-year-old daughter’s beloved truck to Craigslist after her daughter broke the final rule.

As reported by KXAN, Adams admitted that her daughter “was on her ‘one more chance and the truck was getting sold,’ and she blew that…on Monday when she decided to skip school.”

The Craigslist ad listed the truck, which was fully legal since the title of the vehicle is in Amy Adams’ name, for $2,750. In fact, if the buyer would attend North Branch High School in the 2016-2017 school year, the same as her daughter, Adams said she would let the truck go $2,450 because she wanted her daughter to be reminded of her mistakes for every day of the next full year.

This mom’s bold choice in selling “every teenage kid’s dream vehicle” is rooted in the idea that parents no longer act as parents in today’s society and instead act as only friends, which is awful.