Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Steak Cuts

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Do you ever find yourself standing aimlessly in front of the meat counter, wondering what steak cuts you should use for dinner? Have you ever just made up a name for the steak cut you like best? Okay, that might just be something I’ve done, but I’m betting I’m not alone.

This video by Eater details, in under two minutes, the finer points of steak cuts, including where on the cow they are found and the different colloquial names for them. For instance, did you know that New York Strip steaks, Kansas City Strip steaks, and sirloins are basically the same thing?

My favorite tip from the video is that these steaks all come from three parts of the cow, and those parts are the most sedentary areas where the only movement associated with their region is when the cow turns its body.

While it won’t tell you how to cook them, it will give you a little insight into selecting your next steak. This is a great resource to save for your next barbecue. Grilling steaks is an art form, and honestly it can go very wrong if the right steak cut isn’t used. With this quick tutorial, you won’t run into any more problems when it comes to selecting the best cut out there.