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Dad Saves His Son’s Life After Terrifying Texas Rollercoaster Malfunction

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At Wonderland in Amarillo, Delbert Latham wanted to video his son’s reaction, but instead caught on camera a horrifying rollercoaster malfunction.

Kayser Latham was about to go on his first rollercoaster ride with his dad and he was excited. Until his seatbelt broke during the first downhill section of the ride. His dad, Delbert, was recording the entire experience in what he thought would be a happy video that they would laugh at later.

Now, it’s evidence of the safety malfunction that occurred at Wonderland and a frightening cautionary tale of the dangers of rollercoasters. As Kaysen is holding onto the bar and they plunge downward, you can hear him say, “My seatbelt!”

Delbert immediately jumps into action, hoisting his son under his arm through the rest of the downward sections and reassuring him the entire time that things will be okay. His quick thinking no doubt saved his son’s life this fateful day, and his video proves it.

He posted the video to Facebook later that night and wrote this: “What makes it worse is when I told the guy at the end of the ride he stated that he knew that had happened sometimes!! Really it’s already happened and you continue to let people ride??!!”

He also made a note that the staff continued to run the ride despite the glaring safety concern.