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Hico Third-Grader Pulls Off Amazing ‘Scorpion’ Goat Tier Move

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In an interview with MySA.com, Corey White explained, “The ‘scorpion’ is a term used by goat tiers when they fall and their legs and feet come up over their body and touch their head, like a scorpion tail,” which is exactly what her 8-year-old daughter Kameryn performed perfectly in the 26-second video clip that White posted on her Facebook page on January 21, catching the eye of thousands.

The third-grader who lives in Hico, Texas, became a social media star when her family shared the video showing Kameryn falling off a horse into a “scorpion” move and then, without hesitation, successfully tying up a goat, proving her Texas rodeo chops.

The family normally posts videos of their successes on their Facebook page to the likes and comments of a normal segment of family and friends, but more than 20K shares was something they hadn’t expected. “When it hit 10,000 I was like ‘no way,’ and then when it hit 20,000 it went like wildfire. They nearly all were taken aback by her determination and hustle to get up after the fall and to still tie her goat,” Kameryn’s mom told MySA.com. Celebrating her 9th birthday on Feb. 21 Kameryn scored some pretty great birthday presents at the annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Placing 2nd in goat touching, 8th in pole-bending and winning the breakaway roping competition for her age group, her involvement in rodeo since the age of five has earned her some skills. And according to her mom, Kameryn “absolutely lives and breathes it.” Good on her!