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The Hill Country’s Hidden Gem of Southern Hospitality

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Is everyone going on welfare these days? Of course not, we’re all going to Welfare, Texas. For years, it sat dormant — a virtual ghost town. Alone, one couple began a journey to give new life to this one of a kind town. Now, it’s a place where people go to enjoy music and good times. This little spot on the map is the true hidden gem of the Texas Hill County. It is the home of real southern hospitality.


As if the Texas Hill Country isn’t charming enough already, Welfare, Texas has one more reason to make this your weekend destination. That’s right, The Welfare Cafe is here and located in a cozy loft of an old renovated Goat Barn. They offer a wine list that boasts Texas’ finest in addition to favorites from all over the world. The food and service are both beyond exceptional. German cuisine mixed with just a smidgen of Texan flare of ingredients is truly unique only to this establishment. The staff is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable. This restaurant is in an old converted Post Office and General Store with artifacts from an era long forgotten. The fried quail, potato cakes, pork shank, and beef cheek spätzle are all superbly inventive. You’ll be rewarded by staying for desert! The strawberry shortcake is the best this side of the Mississippi.


Enjoy your meal inside of a special room, outside on the porch, or in the biergarten. For your guests or yourself, this is a great place to escape from all of the hustle and bustle of the city. Texas musicians play live music for your entertainment. Happy hour at Welfare Wine Bar & Cafe is on Thursdays from 5-7 p.m. Buy a glass of Texas Wine and get second glass of the same wine at 1/2 price.

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