3 Hidden Havens of Beautiful Scenery in the Hill Country

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Texas is often recognized by its friendly, hardworking, gun-owning, God-fearing people. But how often is Texas recognized for its magnificent scenery? Deep in the heart of the Hill Country are hidden natural havens that make Texas one of a kind, not just for the people who live there, but for the land on which they live.

1. Garner State Park

3 Hidden Havens of Beautiful Scenery in the Hill Country

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There is a reason Garner State Park is the most popular park in Texas. It starts at the chilly fun-paced current of the Frio River and extends to the scenic hike up Mount Ol’ Baldy, and then stretches all the way to the late-night country dancing under a blanket of stars. Garner State Park is the favored place for overnight camping. The terrain is spread over 1,000 acres in Uvalde County where there are 16 miles of beautiful woodland dedicated just to hiking trails. There are also many other activities amidst the mesmerizing hills for campers, including tubing, boating, fishing, biking, and geocaching. It’s a must to add to your list of Texas havens to explore.

2. Hamilton Pool

3 Hidden Havens of Beautiful Scenery in the Hill Country

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Most people don’t think of an oasis when they think of Texas. However, hidden away in Dripping Springs rests a natural pool domed by a prominent canyon. The site is surrounded by lush foliage and a 50-foot waterfall that streams over the ledges of limestone. It’s so beloved that visitors must make a reservation to swim in this gorgeous aquatic haven.

3. Jacob’s Well

3 Hidden Havens of Beautiful Scenery in the Hill Country

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Northwest of Wimberley lies a fully submerged cave filled with spring waters from the Trinity Aquifer which spills over into the Cypress Creek. The artisan spring ties together 81 acres of the Jacob’s Well Natural Area and is recognized in the Texas Hill Country as one of the best places to swim. It’s also the home of some natural marvels such as bioluminescent algae. The cavern reaches 120-feet deep, and the spring reaches 140-feet deep. This natural phenomenon brings fun, beauty, and a nice cool down for visitors during the hot Texas summers.