Texas High School Student Earns Diploma While Battling Bone Cancer

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Madison High School employees, doctors, and family members surrounded Erick Reyes‘s bed at Texas Children’s Hospital to celebrate his incredible achievement. Despite having bone cancer, Reyes graduated high school and earned his diploma. Of course, he deserved a ceremony to honor his hard work!

ABC 13 quotes Madison High School Principal Orlando Reyna who proudly stood by Reyes to say, “By the power vested in me by the State of Texas and the Board of Education of the Houston Independent School District and upon recommendation of the faculty of James Madison High School, I confer onto you the high school diploma with all rights and privileges on this day, March 10, 2017. Now you may move your tassel from right to left. Congratulations!” With those words, Reyes graduated while wearing a light blue graduation gown and a wide smile.

KHOU says that Reyes would have been able to graduate in January 2016, but the devastating diagnosis of bone cancer and a leg amputation kept him from doing so. When he went into remission later in the year, he ambitiously returned to school. Sadly, the cancer has come back, and now he’s back in hospice care. But despite all of the emotional and physical turmoil, Reyes managed to finish school, proving he’s a strong, smart student who can take on anything the world throws at him.