High School Seniors Transform School’s Parking Spots into Works of Art

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Bowie High School in the Dallas area allows their senior students to express themselves from the moment they arrive to school to when they leave at the end of the day. These lucky high schoolers are allowed to paint their designated parking spots with bold, funny and individualistic designs. Here are some photos of the Bowie High School students’ work along with some other schools around the U.S.


We’re not quite sure what the story behind this design is, but it seems like this student must be fond of dad jokes.

Martha’s parking spot is a witty take on hip-hop artist Drake’s 2015 album art for
“If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.”

Even though Lydia’s spot isn’t complete yet, it looks incredible with its impeccable lines and unique bright colors.

No one will confuse Madi’s spot for their own!

Families and friends can help out with the big task of decorating the parking spots. Mark’s son opted for a Napoleon Dynamite design.

Elise’s spot will give everyone a reminder of how to start their day in the often-unforgiving halls of high school.

Reece knew just what she had to do with her design.

An ariel shot of a Bowie High School’s parking lot shows how students began to create a space that represented themselves for the year.