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Houston High School Student Hacked Into School Computer and Changed Grades

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It sounds like a plot to a teen movie – a high school student hacks into the school’s computer system to change their grades along with anyone else’s who buys into their plan. But recent news reports say that this incident actually took place at Memorial High School in Spring Branch ISD during this school year.

ABC 13 explains that on March 31st, the computer-savvy student was arrested by Spring Branch ISD police. Since the student hacked into the school’s computer system, the punishment case goes beyond what it could have been for simply crossing out a bad grade in a grade book. Chron.com says the student now faces a felony charge.

The district released a statement saying, “Using a stolen password, the student gained access to the district’s information system and changed personal grades. The student also allegedly offered to change grades for classmates for a fee.”

Reports say that it looks as though only one other student was involved, asking for their grade to be changed and paying for the adjustment, but there’s a possibility that others also bought into the scheme but have not been caught. The investigation will continue.