Texas Home to Highest Uninsured Rate in the U.S.

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According to financial website, the number of Americans without health insurance is at an all-time low. Since the inception of the Affordable Care Act, states across the country have reported an overall drop in the number of uninsured individuals. However, the numbers vary widely depending on location.

Here in Texas, the number of uninsured households in 2015 was higher than any other state in the nation. Based on WalletHub’s analysis, Texas came in dead last place for the number of uninsured adults, as well as the number of low-income households without insurance. Texas came in second only to Alaska for the number of uninsured children, as well as the number of uninsured high-income households.

Edward J. Schumacher, Professor and Chair of Health Care at Trinity University, says the biggest stumbling block ACA faces is getting insurance marketplaces stabilized. “Access to health insurance does not mean the same thing as access to health care,” Schumacher told WalletHub. “Many of those with insurance through the Marketplaces still cannot afford to purchase healthcare.”

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Brendan Saloner, Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, agrees that it all comes down to affordability. “Many consumers who don’t enroll in plans are not finding options that fit within their budget,” Saloner said. “To address this problem, we will need to look at a broader array of cost containment tools, but cost containment is difficult, both programmatically and politically.”

With the upcoming presidential elections, the future of the Affordable Care Act remains uncertain. While the numbers of uninsured Americans have continued to drop under ACA, many of those still without insurance are depending on further revisions of the healthcare system to meet their needs.

See the WalletHub’s full report, including breakdowns based on city, state, race, and more here.