‘Highway of Hell’: The True Details Behind the ‘Texas Killing Fields’

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Since the 1970s, a 50-mile desolate area has often been referred to as the “Highway of Hell” between Houston and Galveston. More than 30 young women and girls either disappeared or had been found murdered in that corridor, and the mysteries surrounding the cases have never been far from the minds of the Texas authorities that investigated the crimes, including Brian Goetschius and Michael Land, from Texas City.

In a featured story by CBS News, for “48 Hours Mystery”, federal agent Don Ferrarone noted, “This bridge up ahead had a sign on it when you came out in this direction…it said, ‘You are now entering the cruel world,'” as he and the reporter, Erin Moriarty, drove along Interstate 45. “And it’s just, you know, it’s just a perfect place [for] killing somebody and getting away with it…If you can just imagine having one of these little girls out here…one of these young girls out here…and there’s no chance for them to be rescued, to be helped. And they’re on they’re own,” said Ferrarone.

It was chilling detail such as this, together with the haunting faces of the victims, which inspired him to pen the screenplay for the movie “Texas Killing Fields,” compelling Sam Worthington to take the lead role. “I looked at that and it was just tens and tens of girls that had gone missing and I have got a young sister and you know it kind of disturbed me in a way that I just said straight away, ‘I wanted to be a part of this,’ to get this story out and make people aware of what’s gone down there will hopefully maybe shed some light on some of the disappearances and the mysteries involved,” he explained.

Highway of Hell: The True Details Behind the ‘Texas Killing Fields’
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