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Hike Jacob’s Ladder, a Majestic Stairway, For a Grand Adventure

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Hidden away in a forest in Texas is Jacob’s Ladder. This setting is quite similar to something from a fairy tale, although to hike it, you might think it was more akin to torture! It was originally constructed in the early 1900s. The Waco family who had it built lived on top of the cliff it sits upon. With nearly 100 steps, the climb appears to go off into the great unknown. Those lucky enough to get all the way to the top are pleasantly surprised to discover where it goes.

The hike up Jacob’s Ladder at Cameron Park is considerably challenging, but for those who can withstand the intense, albeit rewarding, journey, they can enjoy breathtaking views and some of the most amazing Texas sunsets for their prize. However, some say it’s really the journey, not the destination, that makes this hike unforgettable. Surrounded by lush foliage, the trail is quite mesmerizing, even if it requires some effort. Like many great Texas hikes, the parking lot can get pretty packed, so plan accordingly. Patience is a virtue, and the walk is worth the wait. Likewise, bring water with you for particularly hot days.

Hike Jacob's Ladder, a Majestic Stairway, For a Grand Adventure

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The staff at Cameron Park has ensured that regular maintenance and reconstruction of the stairway occurs in order to maintain its structure and keep the safety of users in mind. All of the steps, in their zig-zag pattern, are still functional, and make a great workout or physical fitness challenge, if you so choose. On your descent, you’ll feel the appreciation for your journey up, but also enjoy the scenery that much more, having pushed yourself to make the climb. Cameron Park is open daily from 6 a.m. to midnight, and parking is free. Additional park attractions include a zoo (close to Jacob’s Ladder), a scenic overlook, a fountain, river access, and lots of seating on grassy areas and at picnic tables, if you’re planning a get-together of family and friends. It’s a fun and easy way to enjoy your day in Waco, amidst this 400-acre sanctuary of sorts.