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Hilarious Hashtags Ensue When Snake Makes Appearance from Hood of a Moving Truck

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Swade Moyers and Zakary Wyatt were driving to Levelland, Texas, on June 19 when they had a creepy encounter with a bullsnake that slithered out of the hood of their pickup truck. It might not have been so bad, had they not been driving down the highway at the time! Moyers posted on his Facebook account that he and Wyatt were en route when the snake reared its head out from the hood of the truck. Their cell phone video shows the reptile slowly slipping out and slithering along the hood of the truck as the two Texas men can be heard doing their wishful thinking out loud, hoping it will take the next obvious move and get off their hood.

Moyers slowed the truck down and pulled off the road at one point, in an attempt to give the snake the opportune moment to make its getaway, but instead, after some squeals can be heard by the driver and his passenger, it quickly whips back around and once again goes under the hood. Although bullsnakes aren’t venomous, they do reach lengths of six to seven feet at full maturity which, in itself, can appear ominous to onlookers such as these Texas gentlemen. Moyers Facebook video has had over 180,000 views since posting, and over 1,500 shares. The reactions and comments are just as hilarious as the hashtags that Moyers used in his original post, including #ihatesnakes, #iamabiggirl, and #zakisabiggergirl. In truth, it’s possible the majority of us can relate!


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