Hill Country Artist: Bruce Bowman

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Tony Maples Photography


When you are first confronted with one of Bruce’s doodles, you have to ask yourself, “Why? What is this about?” A retired Methodist pastor, Bruce Bowman plays competitive tennis, builds rock walls, and doodles. “I get bored. Things go better if I am doing something with my hands.  It’s more relaxing. I listen better when I doodle.” According to Wikipedia, a doodle is a drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. Known for doodling his way through the countless meetings he attended as a pastor, he makes a comparison with religion. “One of the things about the church is that you don’t see anything. It takes time. But doodling is concrete. It’s the same with writing.”

A Doodle ought to flow like Jazz.

Doodle by Bruce Bowman

Photo: Bruce Bowman

“This truly represents doodle. It’s pure doodle.” Bowman puts on more than one coat to make the finish smooth. “I don’t want it to look like a poster. Everywhere I go I pick up a different pen.”

Every one is unique.

Bruce Bowman "Its not a fish!"

Photo: Robert C Deming

Bruce says this is not a fish, but that someone has the perfect place for this uniquely shaped doodle. Doodles are more popular than ever; the images that show above the Google search box are called Google Doodles.

Art Show

Bruce Bowman at a Show

Photo: Robert C Deming

Bruce doesn’t have a studio, so he sets up shows.

Every Doodle is unique.

Bruce's show at Tierra LInda Ranch

Photo: Robert C Deming

This show at Tierra Linda Ranch near Kerrville, where Bruce lives, demonstrated the uniqueness of each Doodle. His career as an artist has taken off; in the last year, he has sold 40 of these bright and challenging pieces.

The complexity of the Doodles comes from Bruce’s interest in philosophy.

Bruce Bowman philosopher

Photo: Robert C Deming

Bruce is well known for his interest in philosophy; for many years he moderated a group he called “The Arguing Group.” The complexity and variety of his designs come from his deep well of thought and knowledge.