Hill Country Artist: Ira Kennedy

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Tony Maples Photography


For Ira Kennedy, life is a journey defined by art.

Ira’s Vision Quest Studio north of Llano

Ira Kennedy Studio

Photo: Robert C Deming

Born in a tent near San Saba in 1941, son of a migrant worker, descendant of a Cherokee grandmother, Ira has been on an artist’s journey since he drew the image of a dragon at age 11. His early years were spent in Japan, where his father served in the US Army. The journey has taken him to such diverse places as New York City, Enchanted Rock, and Australia.

The Hunter

The Hunter by Ira Kennedy


The image in the background of this painting highlights Ira’s deep connection with the mystical and magical Enchanted Rock. In years past, he wrote special features for the Marble Falls Highlander, Texas Monthly, Texas Highways, and even wrote the “History of Enchanted Rock,” ultimately winning two National Press Association awards for environmental journalism.

When Van Gogh and Australia collide.

Hill Country Dreamscape by Ira Kennedy


Ira was a popular artist in New York City in the 1970s and even had an exhibition of his work with Andy Warhol. He returned to his Hill Country roots before he was corrupted by the lifestyle. This painting shows his themes: the clouds sweeping in and down bringing energy, the river of life, the path of life. Ira began to follow this path after a visit to his sister in Australia.

Fabric Art was an unexpected connection.

Ira Kennedy Fabric Art
Photo: Robert C Deming

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