Hill Country Golf: Explore These Award-Winning Courses

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What do the terms ‘Aircraft Carrier,’ ‘Botox,’ ‘Captain Kirk,’ and ‘Rainmaker’ have in common? They are all lingo used in the game of golf! Commonly accepted as invented in 1457 in Scotland, a similar game was played in China during the Song dynasty, around 943 A.D. Today, golf is played all over the world—and beyond. It’s one of only two sports played on the moon! The Texas Hill Country is a great place to play. The temperate climate allows year-round access to the many beautiful and award-winning courses here. Consider these local options for great summer experiences!

Hill Country Golf: Explore These Award-Winning Courses

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Before choosing a course and loading up the cart, remember golf is a challenging activity. Try the tips below to improve your game:

  1. Minimize stress levels. Enjoy your time outside with scenery and friends.
  2. Aim beyond where you want the ball to land. Undershooting is more common than overshooting.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing. Too tight or too loose items will alter your swing.
  4. Bring clubs you actually use. This will lighten the load and quicken tee times.

Three great public courses can be found in the region and are open to anyone in the general public who wants to play: The Bandit Golf Club in New Braunfels, and The Quarry Golf Course and Brackenridge Park Golf Course, both in San Antonio. These courses range from quiet, hilly seclusion to a repurposed industrial site to historically significant originating in 1916. Book tee times and bring along friends. Each course will certainly provide a unique experience!

Hill Country Golf: Explore These Award-Winning Courses
Photo Courtesy of Buffalo Agency

Resorts with golf courses have become quite popular. These locations can be the perfect combo for families, couples, and weekends with friends. Everyone will find something they enjoy at a resort, including spas and swimming pools, but at these places, it is really the golfers in the group who get the spoils!

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