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Hill Country Host for Epic Murder Mystery Event Has Seen This Happen Before

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Those who loved the board game Clue will want to keep their calendars open on March 13 when tickets will be sold for a murder mystery dinner at the Old Glory Ranch in Wimberley similar to a live version of the game. This beautiful Texas Hill Country property will be the scene of a fictitious murder, where anyone could be responsible!

Tickets for this event will go on sale at 10 a.m. on March 13 for the event that will be held on two separate dates and times: May 11 and May 12, both at 6:30 p.m. Old Glory Ranch held a similar event with a 1920s Prohibition-era theme, which included appetizers, dinner, drinks, and dessert for a cost of $75, so you can bet that they know what they’re doing. The May event, for which tickets will be sold in March, will feature the murder of J.G. Hewitt, a fictional oil tycoon. Those in attendance at this murder mystery dinner in the Texas Hill Country will have the task of determining Hewitt’s killer through a variety of clues.

Hill Country Host for Epic Murder Mystery Event Has Seen This Happen Before

Photo: Facebook/Texas Hill Country Murder Mystery Dinner Via Old Glory Ranch

Old Glory Ranch has developed an event Facebook page for the murder mystery dinner, in which the description for all of the fun reads as follows: “Last week you were all invited to the home of J.G. and Mia Hewitt to celebrate J.G.’s 60th birthday day. One of the richest oil tycoons in the state, J.G. and his wife own a sprawling ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Anyone who is anyone was there…As the evening drew to a close, J.G. excused himself from the madding crowd to relax alone in his sitting room. One by one, the guests left the party save for a few friends and relatives whom were invited to spend the night. However, the festivities turned to dismay the next morning when J.G. Hewitt’s dead body was discovered in the sitting room, an obvious victim of foul play. The local police department wasted no time in contacting all of you, asking you to assemble at a special event. Once there, everyone present the night of the murder will be questioned and, by the end of the night, J.G.’s killer will be unmasked.”