Dallas-Based Hip Hop Book Club Hopes to Spread Nationally

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The recently founded Hip Hop Book Club in Dallas takes iconic hip hop albums and opens them up for thoughtful public discussion. The CW33 quotes Kenny Reeves who explains, “It’s not a book club in nature, but it’s giving that same respect to music.”

At the helm of the unconventional book club is Good Culture, an organization that strives “to create a media platform specifically targeted to the forward thinking urban community. The content, programming and events we create are designed to both inform and entertain our community in a manner that is positive, fun and most importantly relatable.”

Good Culture created the Hip Hop Book Club as a way to celebrate the world of hip hop, encourage community members to practice public speaking and dive into what makes the lyrical content of the albums so monumental. For example, while discussing Kendrick Lamar’s “m.A.A.d. CITY,” book club attendees considered how musically unique, lyrically personal, and embedded in Compton the album felt, yet, Lamar managed to form a relatable masterpiece.

As crowds and discussions about landmark albums grows, Good Culture hopes that the format of Hip Hop Book Club can grow into a national phenomenon and even find its way onto school campuses.