HISD to Decide If Thanksgiving Break Should Last a Week

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HISD is asking parents to choose between two options, Draft A or B, when it comes to school calendars for HISD schools next year. Ultimately, this will decide whether or not Thanksgiving break becomes a week or sticks to only three days off.

As ABC 13 explains, Draft A is the keep-it-the-same option. It would have students getting out for the summer on May 31st and maintaining a three day break for Thanksgiving. Draft B, on the other hand, would allow for a full week of Thanksgiving break, but would keep students until June 1st. This would make the school year one day shorter than Draft A. Community members, staff and parents can decide online through a special link.

Parents expressed their differing opinions to KHOU. “They have school for a couple of days, they can’t travel the way they want to travel. Then the student is going to miss school anyway,” said Shawn Gordon who thinks Draft B is the best option.

But not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, and parent Brandy Deutsch said, “I think it would be better to spend more days in school instead of having a whole week off.”

Voting will continue through November 30th, and then the district will decide which draft is more desired.