5 Fun Facts About the Historic Austin Capitol Building

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4. It’s Home to a Museum-worthy Art Collection

captain pope

Photo: tfaoi.com

The Texas Capitol and grounds feature some of the Lone Star State’s most treasured artworks including more than 275 paintings, 175 works on paper, and 25 sculptures. Much of the artwork represents people important to Texas history, including founding citizens, politicians, and military leaders. The natural wonder of Texas is also portrayed in a number of pieces. Additionally, there are over a dozen commemorative monuments located on the nearly 22 acres of grounds surrounding the Texas Capitol.

5. It Might Be Haunted

ghostly hand

Photo: Pixabay

In a building as rich with history as Austin’s Capitol, it’s not surprising that ghost stories abound. One of the most popular sightings is that of Robert Marshall Love, a former state comptroller who was shot and killed in his office by a disgruntled employee in 1903. Visitors and employees often report seeing misty apparitions, usually of men and women in period clothing walking in corridors or appearing – and disappearing – in rooms and hallways. In fact, in 2008, USA Today published an article on the haunting of the Capitol.

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