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Take a Look Inside This Unique, Historic Japanese Starbucks Location

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The recently opened Starbucks location in Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto is a magnificent sight to be seen. Unlike the cookie cutter coffee shop and drive thru Starbucks buildings we see in suburban areas, this chain location is in a revitalized old building with historic significance to delight customers and maintain the style of the city.

According to The Independent, the store is on Ninen-zaka, a protected street meant to highlight the region’s history. The location was once a townhome that housed geisha. Inside, the Meiji-era lives on with tatami mat seating, wall scrolls, a traditional garden, and silk cushions. “Customers are asked remove their shoes and sit on cushions,” The Independent explains.

In order to notate their location, Starbucks opted to remain subtle instead of loudly displaying their logo. Customers will spot the logo on a noren, traditional Japanese door curtains.

“Walking through the noren at the entrance and venturing inside, we want customers to experience a feeling of being inside a traditional Kyoto machiya wooden townhouse,” Takafumi Minaguchi, the chief executive of Starbucks Coffee Japan, told CNN.

Check out pictures of the very photographic, and quite possibly the most beautiful, Starbucks in the world through the very share-worthy Instagram photos below.

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