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Historic Wheelock School House Subject of Texas A&M Restoration Project

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Over the past several months, Texas A&M University Architecture Professor Priya Jain has coordinated a team of students with Wheelock community members to restore the century-old Wheelock School House.

“This just seemed like a great opportunity to do some real work that the students could be involved in and would be an actual benefit to the community,” Jain told KBTX-TV about the 100-year-old building. Its foundation has since been repaired, the first floor has had new windows installed, and the second floor will soon be undergoing an inspection, which hasn’t taken place in decades.

Kathy Hedrick is Vice President of the Friends of the Wheelock School House and a resident of the area. She explained to KBTX-TV, “If you don’t preserve your history, it’s easy to forget.” Founded prior to the Texas Revolution, like many others in Wheelock, Hedrick felt that the need to save the existing historical components of the town were necessary since there’s presently so little of it left.

Historic Wheelock School House Subject of Texas A&M Restoration Project

Photo: Facebook/Texas A&M College of Architecture

In its heyday, in 1930, 200 students were served by the Wheelock School. It closed as a school in the late 1940s, but it continued its service to the community. As a result, it’s now the oldest continually-used public building in the county. “What drew me to this building was the love that the people in Wheelock have for it,” Jain explained. One of her students further noted, “Kids used to learn in here and now we’re in here learning more at the school, so it’s serving its purpose again.”