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History in the Making: Galveston’s East End Welcomes You

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Galveston’s East End Historic District is comprised of the largest collection of 19th-century residences, awe-inspiring in their architecture, and named as a National Historic Landmark in 1976. It’s bordered mainly by Post Office Street, Market, Sixteenth and Nineteenth Streets, Broadway, and Eleventh Street.

It was developed mainly at a time when Galveston was the major port in Texas, the East End Historic District is teeming with character. It was originally designated locally as a historic site in 1970. Following that, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. It definitely has some history to it.

History in the Making: Galveston’s East End Welcomes You

Photo: Flickr/Dre Dark

Amongst a setting of tall and beautiful palm trees and gorgeous Spanish colonial churches, Galveston’s East End Historic District is home to even more beautifully restored historic mansions. It entails approximately 50 blocks which are picturesque and beg to be explored. Among the many sites on a lengthy list of places to visit, you’ll definitely want to see Moody Mansion and Bishop’s Palace.

moody mans

Photo: Facebook/Moody Mansion Galveston

Despite the fact that the city of Galveston already had a rich historic tapestry that included settlement some two centuries ago, tales of pirates and their escapades, and wealthy merchants who made this future part of Texas their home, the East End Historic District is a true tourism highlight. You’re going to want to add this to your Lone Star State bucket list soon and visit the town that regrouped and reinvented itself following the 1900 hurricane. They’ve transformed from a settlement that suffered the deadliest natural disaster in American history to a city brimming with pride, popular with tourists, and a shining monument to life on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Have you visited the East End of Galveston and explored its historic beauty? Tell us all about your adventure on this amazing Texas island!