Holiday Pumpkin Pie Eating Awesomeness: Level Pro

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In a Facebook meme that could cause some heated debate (or simply make you “LOL”), GourmetDelights captured the essence of holiday pumpkin pie eating awesomeness. One can either savor the pumpkin in all its gourd glory (complete with epic spice mixture and Gramma’s fantastic homemade crust), or they can cover that bad boy from tip to tail in whipped cream for a sugary-smooth explosion of flavor.

Holiday Pumpkin Pie Eating Awesomeness: Level Pro

Photo: Facebook/GourmetDelights

With Thanksgiving over and the desserts cleared, we still have plenty of time ahead of us to partake of this pumpkin-y masterpiece. Whether it’s dinner and drinks with the work crew before the holidays, or catching up with family in pre-Christmas gatherings, or even wolfing down a piece at your new girlfriend’s parents’ dinner table on New Year’s Day after meeting the entire Texas-sized family, there are still plenty grains of sand in that hourglass.

It’s a dessert that knows no bounds when it comes to evoking holiday memories or great feasts. A classic and iconic dish at the Thanksgiving sweets table that carries itself well through Christmas and into the ringing-in of a new year, this pie can almost (almost but not quite) challenge apple pie for its standing in American folklore. Nutmeg, cinnamon, and pumpkin puree aside, whipped cream is a dreamboat of a dressing on top of this tantalizing tart of a dish as well as on its own. (Yes, we too have experienced the rush of enjoying a bowl of the homemade as well as store-bought whipped cream on its own, hiding in the closet, away from the kids, once or twice…) But, is it considered a slight to the cook for having coated their delicacy with another, or does your family throw caution to the wind and say, “Have at it!”

How do you enjoy your pumpkin pie?