Holidays You Never Knew Existed: World Kindness Day

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In last week’s installment of “Holidays You Never Existed,” we introduced you to a day dedicated to tongue twisters. This week, the special occasion you might not be aware of is less silly and much more important. November 13 is set aside to recognize World Kindness Day and what better way to celebrate than by committing random acts of kindness? Below are three ideas for passing along a little compassion this holiday season.

1. Buy Coffee For the Person Behind You in Line

Holidays You Never Knew Existed: World Kindness Day

Photo: Unsplash

The next time you swing by the coffee shop for your routine cup of joe, ask the cashier if you can pay for the order behind you. Of course, coffee is only a single example of simple purchases you can make in order to better someone’s day. Buying a stranger’s gas, soft drink, or even their meal at a restaurant are all ways you can spread holiday cheer. This simple act of kindness is sure to be a great start to someone’s day, and it could kickstart a train reaction of compassionate deeds that lasts throughout the week

2. Send a Card in the Mail

Holidays You Never Knew Existed: World Kindness Day

Photo: Pixabay

These days, it seems like the only mail anyone receives can either be classified as bills or as junk. Wouldn’t it be nice to surprise a friend or family member with a few hand-written words of kindness in their mailbox? Whether it be a card saying “thank you” for a good deed they shared with you, or a simple letter just checking in to see how their life is going, a little effort can go a long way when you are trying to make someone feel special.

3. Say Hello

Holidays You Have Never Heard Of: World Kindness Day

Photo: Unsplash

No matter how you say it, “hello” is a conversation starter.  When you look someone in the eye and greet them, you are inviting them to learn more about you, and giving yourself the opportunity to learn more about them. At a time when it seems people are more aloof than ever, let us make it a point this holiday season to learn more about the people we meet every day.

World Kindness Day may not be the most well-known of holidays, but don’t let that stop you from spreading a spirit of compassion not only on this day but in the days ahead. There aren’t many days left in the year. How can you use that time to spread kindness in your community?