Making Homemade Hot Apple Cider is Easy & Delicious!

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One of our favorite seasonal drinks here in the Lone Star State is hot apple cider. To go out and purchase some at a local apple orchard isn’t much of a stretch. We have an abundance of hotspots (many of which can be found in the Hill Country) that supply this liquid gold every fall! However, there’s also something quite satisfying in making it yourself.

Yummy Mummy Kitchen by Marina Delio has uploaded a step-by-step instruction video for homemade apple cider, including a link to the printable recipe, on its Facebook page. This amazingly delicious apple cider recipe, which can be made from scratch, is also quite easy! It’s made simply with apples, a selection of spices, and water, using a CrockPot. There’s something quite satisfying about homemade apple cider. Not only does it taste delicious, but you’ll also love how your house will smell as the aroma rises up when it simmers. You can be happy with the knowledge that you made this in your own kitchen, with no preservatives or additives.

Video: Facebook/Yummy Mummy Kitchen by Marina Delio

Making this homemade hot apple cider can warm you up after you’ve spent some time outside playing in the cool weather or throwing around a football. On any given night when it’s cool enough for you to be able to see your breath, this would be a fantastic drink. For those of you who want to make this into an adults-only type of drink, you can add a little bit of something extra to make it perfect for warming you from your head to toes… rum! Enjoy!

Did you grow up drinking hot apple cider? What’s your favorite recipe and how does it stack up beside the one in the video? Let us know all your wonderful apple cider memories and recipes!