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New Hopdoddy Burger Is So Spicy You Have to Sign a Waiver Before Digging In

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What's a better way to celebrate the hot weather of August than by burning your mouth on a spicy burger? Though it may sound silly, many will want to hurry over to Hopdoddy to grab the Love at First Sting, a new burger that combines the hottest peppers to challenge anyone who claims to love spicy food. According to MySA.com, the Love at First Sting has Hopdoddy’s standard delicious bread and beef, along with “Trinidad scorpion 'Butch T' peppers, Bhut jolokia ‘ghost peppers,’ serrano peppers, habanero peppers, pepper jack cheese, ghost pepper salsa roja and caramelized onions.”

Since the crazy amount of peppers could leave the faint of heart wishing they never ordered the spicy extravaganza, Hopdoddy will have people sign waivers before they dig in.

FlicksandFood.com posted a copy of the waiver to their website. The customer must sign away their rights to blame the company and employees if the burger is too much for them to bear. “It has been known to cause, among other things, the following: burning of the skin if not handled properly, extreme burning of the mouth, hiccups, stomach pain, psychedelic visions, painful evacuation of bowels, fainting, crying, whining, screaming, giggling, sweating, and the overwhelming craving for milk, ice cream, popsicles, and/or ice cubes.” In fact, when someone orders the Love at First Sting, they’ll also receive a free small vanilla milkshake just to help take the edge off.

The Love at First Sting will only be available for a limited time from August 10th through the 22nd.