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Hopdoddy Serves up More Than Just Beef…And It’s Delicious

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Hopdoddy is known for their very successful burger, fries, and shakes. Anyone familiar with the name has likely tried and approved of their menu. But, beef is not at the top of everyone’s list of foods to wait in line for. Luckily, Hopdoddy serves up other things that make the line worth the wait even for those less carnivorous eaters.

Hopdoddy recently made headlines with their Impossible burger. A veggie burger meant to replace the beef alternative. Many die-hard meat eaters swore by it and continue to sing its praises.

But, there is another unsung hero of the Hopdoddy menu that we had to share with readers. The Ahi Tuna Burger is hands-down one of the best menu items and a star of this already successful show.

Photo: Melissa Trevathan-Minnis

Sushi grade tuna is accompanied by avocado and a fried wasabi chip and red onions. Enough to create that delightful explosion of heat and flavor that only wasabi can offer, but not hot enough to destroy taste buds like hot peppers. Cut in half, you can see the rich color that represents this punch of flavor.

Of course, no Hopdoddy trip is complete without the fries. A tray is generous, but some might find more than one tray necessary to meet the craving. They’re easy, no-frills trays the food is served on, and they tend to set the tone for the meal.

Photo: Melissa Trevathan-Minnis

Hopdoddy has a number of drinks to quench the greatest of thirsts. On our visit, we opted for a Little Larry, a small version of their frozen margarita topped with a shot. All for a whopping $4.

Photo: Melissa Trevathan-Minnis

Rest assured, we will be back for each and every item pictured, plus a milkshake! Hopdoddy is a Texas Hill Country-born burger magnate that can now be found in historic Hillsboro Village in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as Bryan-College Station, here in Texas. They also had their sights set on Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston for their newest locations!