50 Horses Rescued From Fort Polk Army Base

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In August, debate began about the large population of wild horses on Army property at Fort Polk in Louisiana. said, “The fate of the horses has been the subject of debate since the Army proposed removing them about a year ago. Army officials say the animals represent a safety hazard, while advocates have argued they should be left alone.”

CBS DFW writes that recently, the plan was made to remove horses in groups of about 40 at a time off of the land. “The horses are first being offered to animal welfare groups, then to the general public and as a last resort sent to a livestock auction for sale,” they report.

Thankfully, the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) was the first to raise their hands and volunteer to take on the first group of horses. In fact, they hope to take on all of the animals, though it will be rather costly (roughly $50,000). They’re asking people to make a donation or, if they’re able, adopt a horse.

HSNT’s executive director Sandy Shelby said many of the creatures seem as if they once belonged to someone and were dumped on the site, but anyone who adopts them must be serious and have patience with the horse. “Make the commitment to adopt them and give them as much as they can in terms of training and support,” she said.