How to Host a Sparkling 4th of July Party This Independence Day

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The 4th of July is a day to celebrate America’s freedom! Declaring our independence from Britain 240 years ago set America on the track to blaze new trails as a country. We celebrate the individuality of our country every year on July 4th. Here are 5 steps to hosting  fun, safe and fantastic Independence Day party!

1. Fireworks

How to Host a Sparkling 4th of July Party This Independence Day

Photo: E. Leonard

Fireworks are a focus of this great holiday! A key element in hosting a memorable 4th of July party is a prime location for watching fireworks. First, decide to either have your own personal fireworks show or watch one of the amazing professional shows in the area. A combination of both can be a radiant addition to your gathering! Next, get to planning the year’s best patriotic party!

2. Festive Food

How to Host a Sparkling 4th of July Party This Independence Day

Photo: Pexels

The Fourth of July is all about celebration, so the menu should be equally exciting! Food for the party does not need to be fancy, just colorful and delicious! There are many simple ways to take a typical barbecue menu and add some patriotic pizzazz;

-Cut stars into a rolled pie crust

-Top a cheesecake with red and blue fruits

-Use a cookie cutter to make 4th of July shapes into watermelon slices

-Make fruit skewers with alternating patriotic colored fruits

-Use food coloring to amp up the patriotic theme in many fun foods; from Rice Krispy treats to deviled eggs

-Cut biscuits or cornbread with a star-shaped cookie cutter, same goes for cheese and meats for a platter as well

Another way to add color to your picnic is to buy some colorful napkins and arrange them under the food platters and plates! Bring in the kids’ energy by having them decorate white paper with red and blue watercolors, these can serve as place mats as well as decoration.

If your party is a potluck, ask guests to add in a patriotic element to their usual delicious dishes!

3. Capturing the Fun with Photography

How to Host a Sparkling 4th of July Party This Independence Day

Photo: Pexels

Photography celebrating the 4th of July is particularly fun! The colors are so vivid, between the big sky and bright colors, the pictures taken will be shared for sure!

Try and sneak in a few photographs of the table and decorations before the party is in full swing, document all that hard work! Taking a photograph from above the table will capture fit all those details into one shot.

Choose one or two specific items or dishes and take a close up picture of those. A photograph of a favorite detail will be a nice memory, as well as addition to a shareable picture collage.

Take the time for photographs with family and friends. This is such a fun holiday and chances are, people are wearing patriotic clothes along with big smiles on their faces! It’s summer time; people are relaxed and gearing up for great food and fireworks, documenting this memory with photographs will be appreciated.

When it comes time for fireworks, check the settings on your phone or camera. A night setting might work, and a slow shutter speed will do the trick!

4. Seats for the Show

How to Host a Sparkling 4th of July Party This Independence Day

Photo: Pexels

Seating is important so everyone has a blast at the 4th of July party. Lawn chairs, kitchen chairs, blankets, folding chairs; any and all of these work for ensuring everyone has a place to sit and watch the fireworks after dark!

Consider having guests bring an extra chair or two with them. Having extra blankets on hand will be good for kids to lay on during fireworks, as well as add a cozy element once the sun goes down. Extra layers are not often needed during July in Texas, however blankets are great spots for kids to play and read together.

5. Details to Avoid Disaster

How to Host a Sparkling 4th of July Party This Independence Day

Photo: Pexels

The brisket is smoking, pies are made, and beverages are iced down, what else goes into a fantastic 4th of July party? Keep in mind these small but significant details so everyone has a safe and fun time;

-Pet safety: plan ahead for pets at your home. If they’re scared of fireworks, intend for someone to stay indoors with animals so they are safely contained. Turning on the TV, closing curtains, and checking exits can all help your animal.

-People safety: this ranges from checking the yard or party venue for any Texas-sized critters, to providing sunblock and bug spray. Given the high temperatures this weekend, it’s also a good idea to provide extra water for adults and kids alike.

-Check your local fireworks ordinances prior to your party. Some towns and neighborhoods have restrictions on personal fireworks, and a fine to go along it! If your area does allow for you to light off fireworks, have a water source available.

-Other, more fun, details: there are many inexpensive ways to customize your celebration. Many websites have DIY decorations (banners, food labels, signs) that are free and printable right in your own home. Cookie cutters can be used to make patriotic shapes in food, as well as used for painting with kids. A children’s art table/creation station at the 4th of July party may also be a fun way to keep the little ones entertained all afternoon.