How to Host a Sparkling 4th of July Party

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The 4th of July is a day to celebrate America’s freedom! Declaring our independence from Britain 240 years ago set America on the track to blaze new trails as a country. We celebrate the individuality of our country every year on July 4th. Here are 5 steps to hosting  fun, safe and fantastic Independence Day party!

1. Fireworks


Photo: E. Leonard

Fireworks are a focus of this great holiday! A key element in hosting a memorable 4th of July party is a prime location for watching fireworks. First, decide to either have your own personal fireworks show or watch one of the amazing professional shows in the area. A combination of both can be a radiant addition to your gathering! Next, get to planning the year’s best patriotic party!

2. Festive Food

4th of July
Photo: Pexels

The Fourth of July is all about celebration, so the menu should be equally exciting! Food for the party does not need to be fancy, just colorful and delicious! There are many simple ways to take a typical barbecue menu and add some patriotic pizzazz;

-Cut stars into a rolled pie crust

-Top a cheesecake with red and blue fruits

-Use a cookie cutter to make 4th of July shapes into watermelon slices

-Make fruit skewers with alternating patriotic colored fruits

-Use food coloring to amp up the patriotic theme in many fun foods; from Rice Krispy treats to deviled eggs

-Cut biscuits or cornbread with a star-shaped cookie cutter, same goes for cheese and meats for a platter as well

Another way to add color to your picnic is to buy some colorful napkins and arrange them under the food platters and plates! Bring in the kids’ energy by having them decorate white paper with red and blue watercolors, these can serve as place mats as well as decoration.

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