John Oliver Grills TX Host For International Women’s Day Embarrassment

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Clips from local San Antonio morning show “Daytime at Nine” became fuel for a bit on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” a late night current events show with a penchant for satire. On International Women’s Day “Daytime at Nine” co-host Esteban Solis was running the show alone, which he said was due to his fellow host Kimberly Crawford being stuck in traffic, and awkwardness ensued.

What made the clips mock-worthy was Solis’s uncomfortable and confusing way of attempting to acknowledge the holiday. For example, he said, “Today is International Women’s Day, so hey, ladies, don’t worry, it’s your day — today you can do whatever you want…And speaking of doing whatever you want, it’s Workout Wednesdays — time to get that bikini body just in time for summer.”

Like the San Antonio Current writes, Solis dug himself in a hole with his out of touch comments that seemed to have no idea what the day was actually about. points out that even though Solis’s comments were off-base, the John Oliver’s bit came down rather hard on the morning show host. But they went on to add that perhaps Solis can turn it into something positive from the attention he’ll receive.