Hot Chocolate Krispie Treats: Quick, Painless, and Totally Tasty

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For a super quick and tasty fall indulgence, why not try a batch of Hot Chocolate Krispie treats. Popping into a pan in under 10 minutes, all it takes is some melting of butter and marshmallows, a few cups of your favorite crispy cereal (no need to name names here…) and stirring in some hot chocolate mix – not necessarily in that order, but you get the gist. managed to develop this recipe that first, takes the amazingly simple process of making “Krispie” treats and incorporates that into this handy delicacy, but second, includes hot chocolate! D’uh! Hmm, what could improve upon the easiest dessert treat there is? Some of the finest hot chocolate mixes in Texas of course. But whether your preference is to use a special type, or to simply stir in what you have left in your cupboard, this process will prove to be completely painless, and 100 percent tasty. Plus, you can top them with added marshmallows and even chocolate chips! Cool and serve almost faster than you can say, “Bob’s your uncle.” (We tried it, but not quite.)

Hot Chocolate Krispie Treats

Hot Chocolate Krispie Treats: Quick, Painless, and Totally Tasty


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Hot Chocolate Mix


Rice Krispie Cereal


From start to finish, this sweet little number will have you singing, dancing, and eating your way out of the kitchen in less than a quarter of an hour! has all ingredient amounts and recipe compilation steps laid out on their website, for a quick and easy read that mirrors the end result. Happy Hot-Chocolate-Krispie-treat-eating!