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Hot Chocolate Hot Spots for Cold Weather in the Texas Hill Country

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While some crave coffee and others want wine, only hot chocolate will suffice for some when the weather turns chilly. The next time you travel the Texas Hill Country, try the hot chocolate drinks at some of these spots to get your chocolate fix in a warm, liquid form.

1. Halcyon Coffee Bar and Lounge

Halcyon Serves Animal Crackers with hot chocolate and other drinks

Photo: Facebook/Halcyon

Halcyon means a calm, peaceful time, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Halcyon Coffee Bar and Lounge. This lounge has two locations in Austin and one in San Antonio. When you crave hot chocolate but want something more gourmet than instant, check out Halcyon’s gourmet hot chocolates. These drinks include a French and Mexican version of the drink. Adults get to choose to add a shot of liquor to their hot chocolate for a warming cocktail.

2. Mazama Coffee Company

Mazama Coffee Cups

Photo: Facebook/Mazama Coffee Company

In Dripping Springs, a little café called Mazama Coffee Company offers tasty coffee drinks in a cool, laid-back environment. You can get not only a rich hot chocolate made with syrup, whole milk, and whipped cream but also homemade pastries. Try the decadent desserts which include vegan and gluten-free options. Whether you want pumpkin bread, cookies, or house-made Pop Tarts, you’ll find it at Mazama’s bakery. They also serve savory dishes for breakfast and lunch if you’d like to stay a while.

3. Crepe Crazy

If you love Nutella, try Crepe Crazy's Nutella hot chocolate

Photo: Facebook/Crepe Crazy

With two locations in Austin and Dripping Springs, Crepe Crazy serves crepes for every meal of the day, but if you want hot chocolate, try the Nutella hot chocolate, with the addictive flavor of chocolate-hazelnut spread in the drink. Don’t miss the sweet and savory crepes while you’re there.

4. The Loft Coffee House

Gourmet hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream from The Loft Coffee House

Photo: Facebook/The Loft Coffee House

The Loft Coffee House in Spring Branch has a mission to help others. Visit this coffee house when you want a gourmet truffle hot chocolate while giving back to the local community. This shop’s proceeds benefit community charities, so you can feel extra good about that whipped cream and chocolate sauce-topped hot chocolate.

5. Cuppencake

Homemade Marshmallows from Cuppencake go great in the cafe's hot chocolate

Photo: Facebook/Cuppencake

For something unusual, try Cuppencake’s Mexican hot chocolate. This San Antonio bakery and coffee shop has everything you could imagine to put into customized coffees or hot chocolate. Try one of their homemade marshmallows in your hot chocolate for a real treat, or opt for a swirl of cajeta to boost the sweetness.