Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream: Easy & So Delicious

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Dear Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream, where have you been all our lives?! While thumbing through the ordinary, run-of-the-mill recipes that happen to be uploaded into the internet oblivion, this one, in particular, caught our eyes. It’s a simple, easy-to-make recipe, which is really what makes it the amazing things that it is.

Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream was a concept that was shared by Beyond Frosting, and now it’s making its way to your brain via our ability to say, “Hey! This is pure, chocolate genius!” One of simplest, not to mention tastiest things that can be added to any dessert to make it even better is homemade whipped cream. Not only that, but it’s versatile in that you can easily experiment by adding unique flavors to it, via Jello and such things as hot chocolate mix. And since some of the best of the latter can be found in the great state of Texas, well it would only be considered an act of supporting your local economy to stir some into this fluffy creation! The season for hot chocolate will soon be upon us, and if you’re looking for exciting new ways to use your mixes, this is a phenomenal one that also doubles as a cupcake filling!

Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream

Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream: Easy & So Delicious


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Heavy Whipping Cream

Hot Chocolate Mix


Full ingredient amounts and process are provided on the Beyond Frosting website, including tips on types of chocolate mix and preferred flavors. If you get a chance to try it out, we know you’ll be saving this option for cakes, fruit salads, and for those days when you’ve had enough and it’s going to take an entire bowl of chocolate-flavored whipped cream to make you want to adult again.

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