Hot Sauces Ranked From Worst to Best: Blind Tasting Anyone?

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Just like beer, the best hot sauce is the one you like. But to help guide you on a path of hot sauce discovery, Mashed has put together a list of “Grocery Store Hot Sauces Ranked Worst to Best.” Posted on their YouTube channel, Mashed compared a number of the types and brands of hot sauces that add pep to your meal and a zing to your taste buds, all of which can be found in standard grocery store aisles.

In Texas, we practically pride ourselves on hot sauces – both homemade and brand-sourced – that we follow religiously because they make our meals taste, well, hot! The reviews on this video are mixed for the same reason. Some people have a passion for hot sauce which is unsurpassed, and some of those felt this video dissed their favorites. Others, however, like the lists that Mashed often produces, and follow their guidance like they’re part of a consumer’s bible!

With more than 300,000 views, this video features a variety of hot sauces you’ll recognize, as well as a few with which you’re perhaps yet unfamiliar. But don’t let that intimidate you. Perhaps your best bet is to have a hot sauce sampling night of your own! Make it a party and pair your tastings with some local Texas brews to wet your whistle and perhaps keep you from sending up smoke signals from your taste buds. When some sauces are unfamiliar to you, why not substitute them for favorites of your own – and, to take it up a notch, perhaps try a blind tasting, where you and your friends aren’t allowed to know the brands or personal favorites you’re trying! Get a friend or family member to help you out by hiding the names of the samples and try them with your food favorites such as eggs, chips, tuna casserole, grits, on popcorn, and in dips! Sounds like a plan to me. Now, where’s my Maalox?